The Biggest Range of Outdoor Wooden Climbing Frames

We can offer you the widest choice of options for an outdoor wooden climbing frames because
we will match our range of suppliers with your requirements and the space available in your

optionReady Made Climbing Frame Kits

We offer a wide range of excellent climbing frame kits from quality suppliers. Often these
ready made kits are perfect for level and smaller spaces and, what they
lack in flexibility, they make up for in finish.



option2Modular Climbing Frames

Our most popular range are the modular climbing frames which are generally larger than the
kits, and are also much more flexible – able to be installed on uneven ground, in tight spaces.
With larger structures, they are great for kids of all sizes and ages.



option3 Tree Houses & Bespoke Constructions

We also offer tree houses and bespoke wood constructions to suit any budget or space. We
can build around trees, or create stand-alone wooden structures for garden play and leisure.
If you have something in mind, we can build it!