climbing frame and treehouse systems: the full service

By choosing Gardenatics for your climbing frame build, you will you receive these key benefits:

  1. A perfect fit: we have fit in tight spots, round trees, under branches, over trampolines, down slopes – our modular frames are so flexible we’re confident we can fit anything, anywhere. You can put us to the test!
  2. A long-lasting solution: not only is all our timber pressure treated and guaranteed for 10 years against rot, but more importantly our frames are so large that teenagers and adults can enjoy them. Most kits on the market are only suitable for up to 7 years old, ours last many years longer
  3. Built for you: we will recommend the best possible solution for your family, garden size and budget. Should you order, our team will visit about a month after your order to install your frame to your satisfaction

So, if you want the perfect wooden frame in your garden, then why not choose Gardenatics? If you want to talk through the options, or to arrange a free visit, then call us on 01962 600 626.

What can you do in your garden? You choose…

Would your children like to climb like a mountaineer, swing like a monkey, make a swift exit ‘fireman’ style, slip-slide the day away or scramble up and down a cargo net? We thought so! In fact, we know so. Just recently one of our ‘little customers’ said to us “That climbing frame looks amazing.”

There is nothing that provides greater levels of fun, exercise, excitement and beaming smiles than one of our climbing frame systems. With everything from a single adventure tower and swing set right up to playhouses, trap doors, hidden stairways and more you’ll never regret joining every parent (or grandparent) who has chosen Gardenatics to bring so much joy into their gardens.

We can customise our climbing frame systems to virtually any garden, so whatever you are looking for, we have it.

Accessories – fun done your way

What do your children love doing? Climbing? Swinging? Sliding? Hiding? All of those and more?

Whatever they really enjoy we have some great options. Most popular among our climbing frame accessories are our wavy slide which is tough and long lasting, our rock walls with their many different ways to climb up, our cargo net which provides a different climbing challenge, our swingset with up to three different types of swings and our ever-popular monkey bars.

A great variety its true, but there’s so much more too. With our climbing frames it really is a’ kid in a sweetshop’ time for you and your children, just without the sweets! Nevertheless, enjoy choosing.

upgrades – where the fun steps up!

Get serious about fun and turn up the excitement to 11! Upgrades can turn your climbing frame system into something truly special.

Clad one of your towers with walls, floor and a door to give it a secret hideaway, supersize a tower to add a super long (and really fast!) wavy slide, clad the top of your tower to create a mini fortress, add a secret trapdoor for those covert entrances and exits or even put a tree straight through the middle of your tower. And don’t forget monkey bars because…everyone loves monkey bars!

And if you’ve got the space, why not simply add another tower, the bigger the climbing frame system, the bigger the fun!

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K. Jones

“ Your unrivalled flexible designs met exactly what we needed. Our daughter doesn't want to come inside, and neighbours look over the wall with envy. ”

K. Jones
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