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Stand Alone Tower

For gardens where space is at a premium, or where customers want a separate tower and swing combination, we offer stand alone towers for your play-sure.

What you attach to a tower is entirely up to you: cargo net, climbing wall, swing frame, slide, ladder, fireman’s pole, ramp - it is your call. Whether in round or square timber, we make sure it fits perfectly together.

Example builds
Tower with Slide
Tower with Swing Extension

Tower With Swing and Slide

The purest and most popular combination of garden fun you can have is the tower with both swing and slide. And when you buy a Gardenatics tower, you get one that is built to last: large enough for bigger children and of high quality materials too.

Why so appealing? We believe it offers the most entertainment for any and every budget, offering a swing set which can be as long or short as you want, a wavy slide (or even spiral if you prefer) and can connect anything and everything to the tower.

Example builds
Tower with Monkey Bars, Cargo Net and Separate Family Basket Swing
Tower with Slide, Swing Extension and Cargo Net
Tower with Open Spiral Slide, Cargo Net and Swing Extension
Tower with Slide, Ramp and Swing Extension
Tower with Slide and Swing Extension

Fun House

You want a raised house to while away the hours? You got it. You want more fun? OK. You want options with that? Sure. You make it your way.

Our fun houses come in two styles. With the square product line we offer a raised enclosed fun house on a larger 8x6 ft platform. With the rounds three sides of the tower are enclosed with the fourth being open for access. Browse our range, and take your pick!

Example builds
Fun House with Slide and Separate Family Basket Swing Extension and Cargo Net
Fun House with Slide, Cargo Net, Climbing Wall and Swing Extension
Fun House with Slide

Double Tower

When one tower just doesn’t offer enough, where can you go from there? Clearly you need to double the fun with a second tower!

There are so many double tower combinations that the selection below are merely a taster of what you can do with our systems. Choose your style of tower, choose your wood, choose your slide and climbing preferences and then tell us what your perfect layout is and we’ll put it together for you.

Example builds
Double Tower with Slide, Net, Climbing Wall and Swing Extension
Fun House and Tower with Slide, Climbing Wall and Swing Extension

Double and Tubes

The ultimate rush for any garden is the large tube slide, it is a thing of both awe and beauty. Yet, it starts at seven feet from the ground, so there’s only one thing for it: a seven foot tower, of course.

For this tower, we recommend a second smaller ‘sibling’ to keep it company and a walkway. As with all the other towers, feel free to attach whatever else you would like to.

Once complete you have a very impressive garden masterpiece which will keep the children in a spin for hours.

Example builds
Double Tower with Tube Slide, Climbing Wall, Net and Swings

Zip Wires

We got so fed up with customers asking about this that we decided to tell them to zip it. Zip their garden, that is! If you have the space and want the whizzy fun that a zip wire brings then we can come and install. We can use existing trees, or create towers to suspend the cable from. And, if you have the desire, we can also launch from platforms, where you can add further play equipment. Just wire us your questions! Example builds
Zip Wire with Deck Platform and Swing Frame
Zip Wire and Launch Platform

Huge – A Climbing frame and tree house systems offering
the full service

By choosing Gardenatics for your climbing frame build, you will you receive these key benefits:

1. A perfect fit: whatever the shape of your garden – and we have fit in tight spots, round trees, under branches, over trampolines and down slopes – our modular frames are so flexible we’re confident we can fit anything, anywhere. You can put us to the test!

2. A long-lasting solution: not only is our timber pressure treated and guaranteed for 10 years against rot, but more importantly, our frames are so large that teenagers and adults can enjoy them as well. Most kits on the market are only suitable for up to 7 years old, ours last the full span of childhood.

3. Built for you: we will recommend the best possible solution for your family, garden size and budget. Should you order, our team can install your frame to your satisfaction within a 4 week timeline in most instances.

So, if you want the perfect wooden frame in your garden, perfectly tailored to your family then why not choose Gardenatics? If you want to talk through the options, or to arrange a free visit, then call us on 01962 600 626.

What can you do in your garden? You choose…

Would your children like to climb like a mountaineer, swing like a monkey, make a swift exit ‘fireman’ style, slip-slide the day away or scramble up and down a cargo net? We thought so! In fact, we know so. Just recently one of our ‘little customers’ said to us “That climbing frame looks amazing.”

There is nothing that provides greater levels of fun, exercise, excitement and beaming smiles than one of our climbing frame systems. With everything from a single adventure tower and swing set right up to playhouses, trap doors, hidden stairways and more you’ll never regret joining every parent (or grandparent) who has chosen Gardenatics to bring so much joy into their gardens.

We can customise our climbing frame systems to virtually any garden, so whatever you are looking for, we can supply it.


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