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Obstacle Courses - New for 2017

Suitable for gardens or playgrounds, the garden obstacle courses from Gardenatics offer a full-on play trail challenge for kids of all sizes.

We have three systems on this site, one small square configuration, one 'make mine a large' cube and a full six piece trail for those with both the space and the sense of adventure. However we can make this any way you want us to, get in touch and we'll put together the perfect balance and climbing challenge!

So, get the stopwatch ready. On your marks, get set, go!

Example builds
Square Adventure Playground Set
Supersize Square Adventure Play System
Adventure Trail Assault Course

Scramble Bridges - New for 2017

Make the kids work for their lunch with scramble bridges from Gardenatics. Go for the all wood up and down, or raise the challenge level with a net on one or two sides. If you would like a climbing wall on either side then we can also make this for you.

Or, if the kids prefer, just get to the top of the bridge and just stand up and say "I'm the King of the Castle" and wait for others to see if they dare join you.

Never has 'get over yourself' been a more appropriate phrase to use.

Example builds
All Wood Scramble Bridge
Scramble Bridge With Posts and Cargo Net

Raised Crossing - New for 2017

Get from one end to the other in any way possible - just don't fall to the ground! Choose your favourite raised crossings: ropes, tyres or a netting mesh. Or order more than one to keep the kids off their toes.

Great for creative play, balance, strength and teamwork. A challenge for kids of all sizes. Also, ask us about variations as we do other types of raised crossing. For example rope and balance beam, monkey bars, pull up bars or hanging rope crossing.

Example builds
Double Rope Walk
Suspended Tyre Crossing
Cargo Net Crossing
Wooden magnifying post

Magnifying Post

Explore the great outdoors at a microscopic level by getting a magnifying post for your garden.

Carved into a beautiful piece of timber, it helps big and small kids inspect in detail anything that they have found, from ants to worms and toads to toadstools.

For future botanists, or just the instinctively curious, the magnifying post allows them to explore the magnificent outdoors.

Example builds
Magnifying Post

Sand Pit

The garden sand pit is a hive of activity for all younger children, whether building castles, shaping roads or just loving the feel of sand running through their fingertips. Kids love sand.

So, how better to treat them than to offer a sandpit that will not just retain all the sand in the right place, but also folds away neatly protecting all their hard work and tools from potential squirrel theft!

For extra protection we also offer a fitting cover ideal for the winter season.

Example builds
Play Sandpit
Sand Play Pit with Cover


We want all the family to enjoy the great outdoors and, what better way to do so, than to provide adventure play. Entice them to go outdoors, explore nature, be energetic, get muddy, but over and above all of that, to have fun. Big fun!

From the mag post to the trail playground, we have a whole raft of new equipment and fun for your garden. All our sets are a lot larger than you think when looking at photographs on a website. The trail, scramble nets, tyre crossings and ropes will work for any age from a toddler to early teenagers.

So, when we describe our range of simpler entertainment for your garden, we go large in size and scale.

Many of the above items are ordered with a climbing frame or tree house, and you can save on delivery charges if ordered at the same time.

Please call 01962 600 626 to discuss your requirements, and we will get the perfect adventure play solution installed in your garden.

For questions or a free 'no obligations' quote

Check our map to see where we supply and build. We give our customers all the options.



"It looks fantastic and we are really pleased. I just wanted to say thank you to you and the team for helping us design it and getting it fitted before the boys birthday. The fitters were great as well. The boys spent the whole day on it yesterday and refused to stop even for the rain. The big question now is whether we can ever persuade them to leave the garden to do something else."

P. Crofts

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