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Scramble Bridges - New for 2017

All Wood Scramble Bridge

Our high quality wood scramble bridge is the perfect low level challenge for any budding climber or ‘tough mudder’. The posts are just far enough apart for toddlers to stretch, but close enough to offer traction to faster moving mountaineers. Assault on the All Wood Scramble Bridge But it’s not just about climbing, oh no. […]

All Wood Scramble Bridge

Scramble Bridge With Posts and Cargo Net

The ups and downs of the garden adventurer means that they are always seeking something new. And this scramble bridge with posts and cargo net, new for 2017, is for those wanting a little more challenge. Why? Well it’s about variety and there’s nothing like having two completely different experiences on either side of the […]

Scramble Bridge With Posts and Cargo Net

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"It looks fantastic and we are really pleased. I just wanted to say thank you to you and the team for helping us design it and getting it fitted before the boys birthday. The fitters were great as well. The boys spent the whole day on it yesterday and refused to stop even for the rain. The big question now is whether we can ever persuade them to leave the garden to do something else."

P. Crofts

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