Climbing Frames For Small Gardens

22 May 2015

Keeping children entertained around the home can be difficult at times. Whether you struggle with active kids or grandkids, it’s sometimes hard to encourage children to play outside and let off excess steam. Fitting well designed climbing frames for small gardens is something you can consider. You can source frames that are custom designed, supplied and installed around the size and shape of your garden, while meeting your specifications and the needs of your growing children. Custom built climbing frames can be fitted into the smallest gardens and provide active children with a multitude of fun activities to keep them amused.

How to get a Climbing Frame Design to Fit a Small Garden

Don’t worry if you consider your garden too small, confined, narrow or irregular in shape to take a climbing frame system. Any good climbing frame supplier can design and fit unique wooden climbing frames into some of the most unusual settings and locations and meet the challenges offered by your garden. Just some of elements you could include into your small garden frame include:


  1. An adventure Tower
  2. Swings
  3. Hideout
  4. Fireman’s pole
  5. Climbing wall
  6. Picnic table
  7. Scramble net
  8. Wavy or spiral slide
  9. Monkey bars


It’s even possible to fit a climbing frame around garden trees, if necessary. Your entire family will be absolutely thrilled with the design and layout of a custom designed climbing frame and it’s sure to be a magnet for all the other children in the neighbourhood.

You may not want to install a substantial climbing frame within your garden environment, but your imagination will be inspired by the types of activities that can be fitted within a frame and you can surely think creatively about styles and types of climbing frame you can commission. Professional climbing frame suppliers will have the experience and knowledge to add any necessary practical elements to the adventure frame you design for your kids or grandkids to ensure it works well within your garden.

Why is choosing a Good Supplier to Work with you and Design the Best Climbing Frame to Fit Your Garden

When you order a climbing frame to suit the shape and size of your garden, the frame needs to meet all the environmental requirements before any supply or installation commences. Choose a supplier who will call out to your home and measure the area to double check it fits and ensure it will not cause ongoing problems or hazards to you or the kids in future years. You need to discuss your climbing frame requirements with your supplier in full detail to make sure your small garden frame is totally suited to meet the needs of your children and ask for recommendations for any different solutions that could make the frame a better activity workout for your kids, while still remaining within your original budget.

You can site a climbing frame into any garden, it just needs to be custom designed to fit the environment. Climbing frames are tall structures and use as much vertical space as actual garden square footage. You’ll be thrilled with the types of features that can be fitted within or on climbing frame towers.

None of the above features take up much ground space and installing a spiral slide reduces the amount of ground utilised for any small garden frame even further.

As kids mature their needs change, your climbing frame can be upgraded at a later date to include the types of den, playhouse, tree house or climbing and adventure towers that will retain the interest of active and independent children.

When you fit one of our top quality wooden frames, your children, grandchildren and their friends will soon be climbing, scrambling, swinging and planning their forthcoming adventures with glee and simply enjoying physical play on the Gardenatics climbing frame designed to suit your garden. Our professional teams provide climbing frames from the East Midlands, to South Wales and down towards the South West of England, contact us today to find out more about the superb climbing frame systems we provide to keep your kids active, physically fit and happy.



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