Accessories for Tree House or Climbing Frame in Your Garden
Amazing wood adventure systems
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Accessories for Tree Houses and Climbing Frames

Accessorise your fun with a wide range of great choices for your climbing frame or treehouse. Our custom design builds will allow you to add just about anything you’d like to make it truly personal not only for you but, most importantly, for your children.

Whether it is a challenging climb up a rock wall or cargo net or a speedy exit via a fireman’s pole or wavy slide, there’s something for you.

And let’s not forget the swings, so many to choose from! And with up to three for each climbing frame or treehouse you won’t need to pick just one. But which three will you choose?

Last but not least, our ever-popular small accessories, lookout for passing ships with a periscope or steer away with a Captain’s Wheel.

Choices, choices, choices! And they’re all yours.

climbing up – feel like a mountaineer!

Climbing Wall for Platform

Rock Walls

Feel like a mountain climber with our rock wall. Multiple ways to scale the sides of an adventure tower using multi coloured rocks of assorted shapes. A challenge every time.

Cargo Nets

Often called Scramble Nets and with good reason! When combined with our rock wall, these give any child a wonderful feeling of achievement as they scale the heights and storm the tower!


A great entrance and exit to any adventure tower, with a strong rope to pull yourself up if you need that little bit of extra help. Great for children, both big and small.

Climbing Poles

Climbing up something, what’s not to like? Our ‘S’ poles have been specially designed to make it easy to go up and easy to come down, with strong, solid steps and hand holds. Always a favourite.

sliding down – time for a quick exit!


Who doesn’t love a slide? Child or adult it’s always a great sensation sliding down one. Our strong and resilient slides are an essential part of any climbing frame system we say!

Fireman’s Pole

For a truly super fast exit from an adventure tower our Fireman’s Pole’s are a clear winner. “Pugh, (Pugh), Barney McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble, Grubb!” (we know you were thinking it!)

Secret Ladders

A secret trap door in the floor of your climbing frame is practical and fun. With an internal ladder, it makes access easier for smaller children whilst not compromising the space in the tower. We love these!


Great for children of all sizes, our ladders offer the easiest way into and out of one of our adventure towers. Step up to a world of high rise fun or step down to swings or a rock wall or whatever you want.

Swinging Around – you never get bored of a swing!

Our Standard Swings…choose your preferred swings ( 2-3 depending on frame size )

Optional Swing Upgrades…we can also fit any one of these swings to your frame, if you prefer

Just for fun – accessorise your adventures

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