Climbing Frame Upgrades to Enhance Your Garden Play Set
Amazing wood adventure systems
for gardens of any size

Treat your family to a stunning climbing frame upgrade

It’s time for you to get serious about fun and time to turn up the excitement to 11! Our climbing frame upgrades can turn your tower system or tree house into something truly special.

Why not create a wonderful indoor play space and hideaway by adding walls, a floor and a door to your adventure tower? Or ‘supersize’ a tower, making it extra high and adding a super long (and really fast!) wavy slide. Or clad the top of your tower to create a mini fortress. You could even fit a secret trapdoor for those unseen entrances and exits or put a tree straight through the middle of your tower. And if you’ve got the space, why not simply add another tower, the bigger the climbing frame system, the bigger the fun!

We know there are so many upgrade options to choose from that it might seem a little overwhelming so why not call us today and we’ll help you choose. Just call us on 01962 600 626.

Inside When You’re Out!

Children love a place to hide away and fitting walls and a floor to your frame provides just such a place.

Monkeying Around

Its time to be the ‘King of the Swingers’ with our monkey bars. The only time children will enjoy hanging around!

Helter Skelter

Big or small, our spiral slides add a fun twist on making a speedy exit

Seat and Eat

The fun never ends with one of our climbing frame systems but sometimes it does pause for refreshments.

A Secret Doorway

Practical and fun, out trapdoors not only help access for small children but fold shut for a greater play area.

Top of the Tree

Next to a tree or over a tree, our skills mean that almost wherever your trees are, we can fit in.

Adventure Towers

Big, strong and flexible, our towers offer you the flexibility to build a climbing frame that suits you.

House of Play

Whatever the weather, a playhouse provides s great place for friends to play together.

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“ The climbing frame and swings are great and we are really pleased with it. It is getting good use already. ”

C. Evans

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