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Outdoor Play Surfacing – Your Options

At Gardenatics, for both home and commercial builds, we recognise that safety is a priority. Sure, we want the children to have fun but we also recognise that high quality outdoor play surfacing is essential.

However as with everything there are options, and here we outline the choices you have in front of you. From the cheap to the very expensive. If you have any questions, then please call 01962 600 626.

Safety Grass Mats – Low Cost

Safety Grass MattingOur safety grass mats are often the easiest way to cover a small area. Whether it is under a swing, or at the end of a slide, they provide cushioning and protection, whilst allowing grass to grow through.

They can be mown over in due course. If you have a number of small areas and are more concerned about wear and tear then they are ideal. You can buy them at the same time as ordering your climbing frame or treehouse.

Play Bark – Medium Cost

Play Bark Rubber ChippingNot to be confused with wood chip or organic bark, which degrades and becomes mulch after a couple of winters, play bark is a much better choice.

And, whilst not organic, they are made from recycled industrial tyres therefore have a ‘green’ footprint. They are also very long-lasting. When at 8-10 inches deep, it can provide the most effective cushioning from a fall.

However for most areas they do require some groundworks with wood board edging to ensure the bark stays in place, and a membrane to stop weeds growing through.

Wet Pour Rubber – High Cost

Wetpour Rubber SurfaceProbably the most popular surface for commercial play areas, wetpour is popular as it provides a consistent surface which is both impact absorbent and weather resistant. It also moulds around every piece of equipment to give a firm even base.

It can also come in almost any colour you want, or colour combinations so it can add shapes and vibrancy to a play area.

Preferred to play bark because there’s no need for boarding, it is durable and maintenance free.

Astroturf – High Cost

Astroturf Artificial GrassIn the past astroturf has been thin and hard, making it not much better than wood or compacted soil in terms of flexibility. However in recent years, this has changed, and now artificial grass is a really good option to combine durability with the organic feel of grass.

Modern astroturf is not only much more like grass, but for many home and commercial installations it replaces grass. More durable, better impact protection, little or no wear and all-season consistency give it the edge in heavy-use grass areas

Whatever your wish, call the team on 01962 600 626 or make an enquiry and we will discuss all the options with you.

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