Slide Down Your Own Garden Climbing Frame

05 February 2018

Have You Got Fond Memories of Playground Slides – Add One to Your Climbing Frame

Are you contemplating a climbing frame for your garden? Do you realise how many different shapes and sizes there are? What about the endless features you can add? One feature you need to seriously consider is the addition of a slide. How many of you remember with fondness, the slides at your local park? Hours of fun and entertainment, scorching hot in the summer and icy in the winter. Thankfully, this kind of enjoyment is still possible without the risk of personal injury.

A Wide Variety of Shapes and Sizes

They’ve been around for years and are a classic feature of any playground you care to visit. First introduced around 1922, originally constructed from planks of wood, slanted down banks. Back then girls were considered a little less adventurous than boys, so they were kept separate. With the boys being allowed to play on slides much steeper. Things have moved on in a big way since these early days and there are plenty of different designs to choose from. To help you choose the best one, let’s look at some options.

The Old but Classic – Wavy Slide

This is a very popular choice but possibly considered to be a little on the boring side. It’s generally straight, with a few alternating bumps to up the momentum and increase speed. Most towers can have one added and the length can be a personal choice. The exit they provide is a swift one. However, this type is safe enough for kids of all ages. Including toddlers with adult supervision.

A Mini Garden Helter Skelter – Open Spiral Slide

Memories of seaside holidays will flood back for any adults looking at adding this type. Designed for kids wanting a little more adventure and perfect for the older ones amongst them. The perfect companion for a 1.5m high tower, spiralling down to meet the ground. It is sure to entertain in the older kids among us. Situated where an all-round view of the garden can be enjoyed, it makes for the speediest of thrilling runs.

A ‘Tube’bulent Ride – Closed Tube Slide

For those who like something a little different, a Tube Slide is one of the biggest ones you can get for your garden climbing frame. And launches from 2.1m high towers. It has a completely closed exterior, subsequently adding a thrill of not knowing where you are, as you twist and spiral to the ground. It gets the adrenaline pumping and is ideal for sparring the older kids into playing outside, as this slide is only for the bravest of souls.

Strong and Sturdy Finish – Stainless Steel SlideStainless Steel Slide

This is a much stronger version of the wavy slide, but is in no way less entertaining. Available in a selection of widths and lengths, it’s completely straight. Add wooden handrails to compliment the climbing frame perfectly. If you’re anticipating the slide to get an inordinate amount of interest,then a stainless steel will live up to regular use. For kids who want to push boundaries and be a little different, it can also double up as a climbing wall if they decide they want to try and scale it.

The Straight and Narrow – Fireman’s Pole

It’s not technically a slide but you can slide down it so we’ve chosen to include it in our list. Add to a high tower of 1.5m. Or a tower of 2.1m for those who might be feeling really brave. Travel from top to bottom far quicker than any conventional slide and the perfect caveat for imaginative play. No doubt there are going to be budding firemen rescuing damsels in distress. As well as brave young feline lovers wanting to imagine rescuing a kitty from a tree.

As you can see, slides come in a range of shapes and sizes. Each one of which has the potential to spark a child’s imagination. Different twists, turns and a range of speeds make them so entertaining. They make for the perfect companion for our range of climbing frames because they are modular. And as your kids grow up their climbing frame can grow with them.
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