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Manhat-ten – Large Play & Viewing Platform

viewing platformIt started off as an old assault course at a Nursery. But by the end, became a large play tower raised above the ground. The finger of blame was pointing squarely at the kids, though we didn’t see the parents complaining.

The platform is high above the ground and when you’re up at that level, and one of the young uns’, you can really appreciate nature and the surrounding landscape.

With an easy walkway leading up to the top height of the platform, there is always means to escape should enemies launch an attack. But also allows it to be accessible for even the smallest of play enthusiasts. And what a great selection of activities to choose from!

The tower is more for the adventurous kids – it only goes half-way across, bridging the gap between new and old. Are you up to the horizontal climb using the monkey bars? Only the brave need apply.

The Ideal Viewing Platform

Situated specifically between the old adventure play equipment, this is one of the larger commercial builds we’ve created and offers a number of really wonderful experiences, both below and on top of the towers. We position the play equipment carefully, so the children could use it heartily without fear of collision or injury.

But the crowning glory is the large fortress tower. It stands proud in the field and invites all with its wide range of equipment. However around the back there is a secret entrance to the den that is hidden below the platform. A sure-fire headquarters to all active youngsters.

It really is the perfect space to while away time, whether with a book, friends or even conquering the whole course.


Platform, V Bridge, Climbing Wall, Ramp, Cargo Net, Hideout (Den), Monkey Bar Set, Fireman's Pole, Clatter Bridge,

  • Space Needed
  • 16m x 8m

  • time to install
  • Six weeks to plan and order materials. Two weeks to build.

  • wood type and style
  • All our timber is sourced from sustainable suppliers, is pre-treated softwood primed for outdoor use and guaranteed for 10 years. This climbing frame is constructed with Round timber.


£24,500 inc VAT

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account all design work, materials, delivery, installation
and VAT so the price you see is the price you will pay
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