Platform Walkway Treehouse

Let’s Go Over the Top – Three Towers of Awesome Garden Play

How much fun can you fit in just one garden? With three towers the answer is ‘quite a lot’. An extravagant space became the home of our latest creation. A beautiful treehouse for children in Surrey with two further towers to bring smiles and laughter all year round.

A Demanding Treehouse Build

The space available was awkward, with a wide-angle at the top corner of the garden that sloped away in both directions. This meant that no tower was flat, and every platform needed to be balanced and hand-assembled on-site. This ensured the walkways were level and all the equipment fitted neatly in the space. It is like a rubiks’ puzzle. Once you get it all lined up, it all fits together.

The entire build also needed to work for three young children today, but also for their future – so safe enough to be used, but also with enough fun as they time passes and they grow into their teenage years. A tough ask, but we were up to the challenge. With the family desperate to be on the frame from day one, we had to hold them back to make sure that everything was completed and secure first.

A Fully Loaded Fun Machine

So, how much can you get on a build like this? Where do we start: two ladders, a ramp with rope to get up to the platforms. Or if you’re feeling bold there are monkey bars and a 10ft climbing wall for that extra challenge. With an extra-long 3 metre wavy slide, you can go ALL the way back down to ground level super fast. Between the platforms, there are two types of bridge, one wobbly clatter bridge to take you to the high 7ft platform, and one fixed bridge to and from the play tower.

The treehouse itself has a cedar shingle roof and loglap for an authentic treehouse feel, and two windows and a door to bring light and life in. And a swing set with a basket swing and toddler swing (which can be swapped for others) wraps up the fun for all the family.

So, if you want your kids to get seriously active in your garden, then watch this space.


Cedar Shingle, Clatter Bridge, Climbing Wall, Wavy Slide, Wood Bridge, Tree House, Basket Swing,

  • Space Needed
  • 12m x 10m

  • time to install
  • 2 Weeks

  • wood type and style
  • Round Timber


£26,700 inc VAT

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