Lofty Ambitions – Triple Tower Walkway Tree House Adventure

Often one of the main things we get asked is how we can make the most of slopes, levels and other topographical features. Add a large mature tree into the mix and it raises even more of a Tree House Transformationchallenge. However our clients’ girls were crying out for a space in this garden they could call their own, where they could play to their hearts’ content, releasing both physical and creative energy.

Ranch House Suite and Tree Walkway

To avoid disturbing the view from the house, we positioned the platform so that the apex of the roof faced towards the house, and the ‘tree house’ was below it at ground level. So the line of sight passes through the build and the view of the surrounding gardens remains.

Underneath is a beautiful house, styled like a ranch. With cladding around three sides of the platform, and door access to a decked verandah. We created an impressive open space for the children to play in.

The sturdy timber bridge leads the way up the garden to where a mature Ash tree sits proudly in the middle of a second platform. Although smaller, this platform connects the top of the garden to the bottom and allows a lofty walkway at about seven feet above the ground. Once you get there, there’s a tube slide full of twists and turns to spin you out, dizzy, at ground level.

Clatter Bridge Access to Even More Fun!triple tower walkway tree house

Another unique feature of this garden is the rock outcrop on the far side. Our client wanted us to include this in the build and to make the most of it.

So we added a long clatter bridge across the garden to the top of the rock outcrop. Let the trials commence: a jetty connects the clatter bridge to a large cargo net, sitting full length against the rock outcrop. There’s also a five metre long custom made steel slide with wavy wooden handrails. Scramble up the net, and then experience an adrenaline-fuelled ride as you return to terra firma. This build offers an amazing, action packed, creative, condensed, fun-filled, barnstorming space for the family.


Tree House, Clatter Bridge, Tube Slide, Steel Slide, Cargo Net, Basket Swing, Loglap, Platform, Ladder, Ramp, Tower in Rounds, Hideout (Den),

  • Space Needed
  • 12.6m x 10m

  • time to install
  • 6 weeks from order to install. 3 weeks to install.

  • wood type and style
  • All our timber is sourced from sustainable suppliers, is pre-treated softwood primed for outdoor use and guaranteed for 10 years. This climbing frame is constructed with Round timber.


£34,850 inc VAT

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