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tree house zip wire twin tower walkway

Anything Vertigoes

It started with a gently sloping field containing some fairly mature birch and sycamore trees and a client with a vision to create the ultimate zip wire tree house. Our client wanted the best adventure space for his children. So we spent a lot of time probing and questioning the customer to understand in as much depth as we could exactly the type of activities his children like to do.

Then we got to work, drawing up plans and refining our proposal until we had on paper the ultimate adventure space, exploiting the natural elements of the site.

After three weeks of onsite work, the space was ready to take its first visitor. It proved a massive hit, not just with the owner's kids, but the local village children as well!

Example builds
Anything Vertigoes – Tree House with Zip Wire

The Ultimate Behemoth

It was just a patch of ground where the builders had dumped rubble from renovation work. Yet for the owners it was an opportunity to come up with something much more entertaining for their family. A triple platform tree house extravaganza.

It is hard to describe the sheer scale of this build - the landscaping needed two large truckloads of play bark. We used over 3 kilometres of high quality timber. It has over 10 metres of walkway. Over 400 square feet of platform space. Swings, slides, cargo nets, climbing walls. It really is the ultimate we have done… so far!

Example builds
The Ultimate Behemoth – Triple Platform Tree House
Manhat-ten Old and New


Now this is a tree house, combined with a very large viewing platform! We custom designed a wonderful organic wooden build. It surrounds a beautiful old gnarly tree offering 360 degree views of the garden and countryside.

The platform is raised to about nine feet, and has a number of routes to the top: ramp, ladder or cargo net. And, to cap it all we connected our favourite swing - the biggest basket!

Example builds
Manhat-ten – Large Play & Viewing Platform

Savannah a Laugh

You know when you find that perfect spot. As soon as you get there you almost feel like it’s missing a tree house? Well, there it was, a slice of Berkshire needing some Gardenatics fun. In fact, a lot of fun with a twin platform tree house.

And it is a proper house in the trees, perfect for sleepovers and indoors outdoors. And when the kids wake - there’s so much to do, swings, the longest wavy slide you can get and a 9 foot fireman’s pole which makes everyone look twice. Outstanding!

Example builds
Savannah a Laugh – Split Level Twin Tower Tree House
vertical climbing wall with hand holds


This customer inherited a dilapidated treehouse when they moved into their new house. But rather than demolishing it, they decide to get in touch with Gardenatics for a tree house refurbishment. Now that's the kind of challenge we like. We doubled the platform size, added swings, a new roof, a super exciting climbing wall and fireman's pole.

We were really pleased with the results as its show just what can be achieved with some imagination and craftsmanship. So if you'd like to upgrade and enhance your existing tree house then let us know.

Example builds
Serengettitude – Tree House Renovation & Extension
Treetop Bolt Hole House

Treetop Bolt Hole

“You should see the view over the hedge” they said as we balanced a little wobbly on the stepladder on our first visit. And there it was - what a wonderful glimpse of fields and rolling countryside, the rest we built around that. So, we really needed to give them a left with a high tree house perched in the canopy.

Platform, house, steps… all custom made on site to fit within this little corner of their expansive garden. Now, they no longer need a ladder and can enjoy the view with family and guests at the top of their very own stunning platform.

Example builds
Treetop Bolt Hole – Wooden Tree Platform Renovation & Extension
Garden Play Zip Wire

Zip it Buddy

Most home zip wires start from a small raised platform and are up to thirty metres in length and they are tree-mendous fun. But there’s one who just goes over the top and asks for more. Thank goodness they did, and found us! We built a zip wire and climbing frame system for the ultimate fun. Check out launching from an eight foot platform. But not any ordinary platform - no! It’s around a tree. Not only that, but it has a monkey bar and swing frame attached to it. And a cargo net. Have your cake, eat it, ask for seconds, have that too! We approve. Example builds
Zip it Buddy – Versatile Wood Platforms Zip Wire Combination


Treetop Bolt Hole -455For our most discerning customers, there really is only one choice – a truly unique hand built design.

Taking quality right up to the ultimate level, our custom hand-built Gigantic Tree House service offers you the chance to have an extremely impressive climbing frame or tree house on your home turf, one that truly matches your requirements.

Our skilled team create stunning structures from the highest quality materials. Whether it is cedar wood roof shingles for a roof section or ultra strong landscaping beams for tree house supports, quality remains the same – the best.


Garden Play Zip WireWith a complete ‘clean sheet’ approach, we have built everything from large viewing platforms, to multi-story, multi-tree, multi-house constructions.

Whatever you can imagine – we can build it – just add garden, trees, vertical space and, of course, children.

We are confident we can create a long-lasting, memorable wooden play experience in your garden for your children or grandchildren.



At Gardenatics we really do give all our customers the confidence and many very good reasons to trust us. Choose us to help you achieve your dream with our Gigantic tree house system and we’ll take you on a fantastic journey to achieving that dream:

Telephone consultation – Just call us to talk to one of our experts about what you are looking to achieve. We can give you some great advice and assistance and help you in deciding what it is you really want, and what’s suitable for your family.

Savannah 3Site survey – Looking to investigate this in more depth? For the larger builds we offer a visit where we can help you with on-site advice on positioning and integrating your build with other elements in your garden

Proposal – What will everything look like and how much will it cost? After our survey we will provide you a full proposal covering layout plans, materials, and costings.

Build – Once agreed we will, in consultation with you, undertake your build to your exacting requirements.

At Gardenatics we really can make your garden dreams come true. Call us today and lets get started.

For questions or a free 'no obligations' quote

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“ The climbing frame and swings are great and we are really pleased with it. It is getting good use already. ”

C. Evans

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