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Amazing wood adventure systems
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The Professional Climbing Frame and Tree House Design & Build Company

We created Gardenatics with a single aim – to build the best wooden climbing frame or tree house for each and every customer.

We believe this is only achievable with these key ingredients, we wanted to:

  1. Understand the needs of our customers and their kids
  2. Start with an accurate measure of the space available
  3. Supply only the best quality materials and kits
  4. Build professionally and carefully

We believe we are the only supplier who can deliver on these aims and ultimately give you the best possible solution.

We Practice What We Preach

Merv and John, the two founders of Gardenatics both have climbing frames in their back gardens, and both have four children. They have seen the value of having a good quality frame in their back garden and delight in seeing their kids outside, whatever the weather!

Ditch the Playstation, Relegate the TV Remote!

If you are like us, then there’s another powerful motivation – you want your children (and grandchildren) to get out more: to exercise, to get fitter, to get stronger, to live a healthy life.

At home, it is not always easy to do so, with computer games, mobile phones and televisions competing for their attention… but it is amazing what a climbing frame can do.

Give them something to get outside for – let Gardenatics build a climbing frame in your garden!

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“ The climbing frame and swings are great and we are really pleased with it. It is getting good use already. ”

C. Evans

large do
you want to
go today?

A build a day keeps the children (briefly) at bay

Versatile structures & NO OBLIGATION QUOTATIONS

We build it all around you

Choose layouts, accessories and upgrades to maximise your fun!


1. Tell us what you are looking for
2. Send photos and measurements
3. We send you back the perfect fit for your garden, budget and family

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