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Whilst many of our build are for homes, we also build commercial climbing frames and tree houses for clients across England and Wales. Our skill with wood knows no limits, other than the boundaries of your property and budget, of course.

Many commercial builds require groundworks to ensure safety of the children on the site. Therefore we have detailed the groundwork options for climbing frame installations at schools and other commercial sites.

It’s the Detail that Matters

On this website, almost every product photographed can see can be adjusted to suit commercial clients. Some are easy, some are more significant. So, when you browse our website we offer these two descriptions to help you understand the difference.

We work hard to ensure that the detail of every build matches your exacting requirements.

1. Suitable for Commercial Installation

These are climbing frame builds suitable both in layout and structure, with a few amendments, for a school or council. Some of the detailing may need to be changed, and perhaps thickness or type of timber, but these are mainly cosmetic requirements.

It is normal for the cost to be greater, but not significantly so (within about 20% of the private build price). And the time to install will remain similar.

2. Needs Significant Changes for Commercial Installation

These are tree house builds which need much more work to conform.

For these builds it is likely that some of the features do not conform, even platform heights, or angles of walkways. It does not mean that the entire structure is not workable, but does mean that the final design will be substantially different to what is seen.

Therefore if you would like to adapt one of these builds to suit your requirements, then it is best to call us. Simply contact the team on 01962 600 626 to discuss your requirements with us and we will shape the right solution for you.

For all commercial play equipment builds, we ensure that everything is specified to be approved for BS EN 1176. Where an outdoor adventure play installation will be used for a commercial setting, we design it to pass all necessary safety guidelines.

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"It looks fantastic and we are really pleased. I just wanted to say thank you to you and the team for helping us design it and getting it fitted before the boys birthday. The fitters were great as well. The boys spent the whole day on it yesterday and refused to stop even for the rain. The big question now is whether we can ever persuade them to leave the garden to do something else."

P. Crofts

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