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Father and son painting parts for a climbing frame

‘Pimping’ Your Climbing Frame

All of our climbing frames can be easily adapted through design to fit the changing needs of any family. But there are times where you want to make it completely original but totally fun and engaging for your children. Have you ever considered ‘pimping’ your climbing frame? Here are a few fun and different ways […]

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Playground with tower and swings

Playgrounds Through The Ages

Can you imagine a world without playgrounds? Inconceivable! For many mums, dads and grandparents, they are the saviour of the summer holidays. No weekend is complete without a ride on the swings! And nothing can brighten a dull afternoon quite like a slide can. But it was only 100 years ago that the first playground […]

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Different types of Swing Seat on one frame

These Are A Few Of Our Favourite Swings

Swing The Day Away Take a moment to imagine a child whooping with delight at the playground. Can you picture the scene? Chances are, you are visualising a kiddo on a swing, that’s because it’s one of the most popular pieces of play equipment for youngsters, and with good reason. Swings take up very little […]

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Child growing up mentally and physically

New Heights: Climbing Frames That Grow With Your Child

Children change at lightning speed. Remember last year when your daughter was obsessed with roller-skates? You bought an expensive pair, but now they are already gathering dust under the stairs. Or how about last summer, when your son was adamant he needed that wigwam in his bedroom? Now, the only creature you ever see using […]

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Group of children outside with mobile phones

Do Our Children Get Enough Exercise?

The Facts Did you know that a recent report from Public Health England and the NHS revealed some shocking statistics about outdoor play in children? The number of children doing an hour of physical activity a day has fallen by nearly 40% between the ages of 5 and 12. In fact, only 23% of boys and 20% […]

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Zip Wire Launch Platform

Gardenatics Zip Wire Guide

Get your kids zipping for joy! You know, gardens are so much more than a place for picnics and sunbathing. Just imagine your own garden transformed into an incredible adventure playground! You could take inspiration from JK Rowling, who famously created a magical outdoor play world for her children. It was complete with spiral staircases, […]

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