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Group of children outside with mobile phones

Do our children get enough exercise?

The Facts Did you know that a recent report from Public Health England and the NHS revealed some shocking statistics about outdoor play in children? The number of children doing an hour of physical activity a day has fallen by nearly 40% between the ages of 5 and 12. In fact, only 23% of boys and 20% […]

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Zip Wire Launch Platform

Gardenatics Zip Wire Guide

Get your kids zipping for joy! You know, gardens are so much more than a place for picnics and sunbathing. Just imagine your own garden transformed into an incredible adventure playground! You could take inspiration from JK Rowling, who famously created a magical outdoor play world for her children. It was complete with spiral staircases, […]

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Water guns are a good way to keep cool in the summer whilst still having fun

Wateratics- Part 2: The Water Fight

The summer sun is blazing down and the kids are hot and bothered. There’s only one thing for it – it’s time for a water fight! Here’s our lowdown on how to host the best adventure climbing frame water fight in town. An adventure climbing frame water fight Water fights are a brilliant way for […]

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Climbing frame slides can make the best water slides

Wateratics – Part 1: The Water Slide

When the sun has got its hat on, take the opportunity for outdoor play. Summer is a wonderful time to make special family memories, for both kids and grown-ups alike. And what better way to cool off and get the giggles than making your own water slide in the garden? So slap on some sun-cream […]

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Young boy happy to be outside climbing on his new climbing frame

My First Climbing Frame

Today’s modern children are rapidly losing touch with real life experiences. It seems that all too quickly a love of the outdoors, using the imagination and enjoying make-believe adventures has been replaced with a rectangular screen. Less than a couple of decades ago I remember longing to go outside everyday and play with my friends. […]

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A child designing a bespoke climbing frame with two opposite climbing walls instead of a bridge

Why Your Child Should Design Their Own Climbing Frame

It’s for them Of course, you want to provide your children with the opportunity to exercise in the fresh air. You know that this will help them to build stronger bones and muscles, including the heart. You’re well aware that outdoor activity can help to develop not only their motor skills and coordination, but also […]

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