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Kids using phones outside

Outdoor Play vs Modern Day Technology

Does your child prefer tech or outdoor play? Those with children sometimes worry about the differences between our childhood memories and the realities of children growing up today. It’s clear that children nowadays spend less time playing outside and more time on their tablets and devices. However, are there really any significant advantages or disadvantages […]

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swift build

Our Favourite Builds of 2017

It’s Been an Interesting Year We thought we’d spend some time looking back at a few of the amazing projects we’ve worked on this year. With the end of 2017 almost here, it’s time for a spot of reflection. To be honest, we’ve had such an incredible twelve months and  we wanted to share some […]

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Winter Climbing Frame

Don’t Neglect Your Climbing Frame Just Because It’s Winter

Extending the lifespan of your climbing frame Looking after your climbing frame during the winter months is just as important as any other time. Possibly even more so. And anyway, your kids are getting their full enjoyment out of it. So wait until indoor play is the only real option for them before you invest […]

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Zip Wire Platform

Zip Wire History

Where does the story begin? Everyone associates zip wires as huge, fast, and terrifying activities across canyons and valleys, but where did they originate? There isn’t any evidence suggesting a specific date when zip lines first originated. Some suggest they have been around for hundreds of years in China. They became transport for mountainous regions, […]

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Father and son painting parts for a climbing frame

‘Pimping’ Your Climbing Frame

All of our climbing frames can be easily adapted through design to fit the changing needs of any family. But there are times where you want to make it completely original but totally fun and engaging for your children. Have you ever considered ‘pimping’ your climbing frame? Here are a few fun and different ways […]

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Playground with tower and swings

Playgrounds Through The Ages

Can you imagine a world without playgrounds? Inconceivable! For many mums, dads and grandparents, they are the saviour of the summer holidays. No weekend is complete without a ride on the swings! And nothing can brighten a dull afternoon quite like a slide can. But it was only 100 years ago that the first playground […]

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