A frame for All Sizes of Children

17 September 2015

Climbing frames are a popular choice of play equipment for many gardens, offering youngsters the opportunity to explore, climb and play at their leisure, thereby building muscle strength, improving agility and developing their creative and cooperative skills.

How Big Will Your Children Get?

large kid height measure

In fact, climbing frames are loved by children of all ages, but therein lies the problem: most frames are designed only with younger children in mind so that, by the time they reach the height and build of an average seven year-old, they are simply too big to be able to play in comfort. By the time they are 12 most are reaching or over 5ft in height!

As a parent, imagine the chorus of groans of disappointment when your kids realise that they can’t take full advantage of the fantastic new climbing frame that has been installed in your garden (not to mention the inner horror you experience at the very thought of the hard-earned money you’ve spent)!

Small towers, in which you cannot swing the proverbial cat, and tiny entrances are two of the most common problems in smaller climbing frames, making enjoyable play distinctly impossible for older children. For those children who have younger siblings, watching from the outside of the frame while the others have fun is simply not a great way to spend an afternoon!

Fortunately, our range of children’s climbing frames are designed with youngsters of all ages in mind. In fact, with exceptional build quality as well as a larger, more accommodating size, even teenagers can enjoy creative play on the climbing frames in our range!

By purchasing a climbing frame from us, you can be assured of several important benefits that will ensure your chosen model will be enjoyed by your children for years to come.

A larger size

Unlike the smaller frames you’ll find on sale in many places, our models are large enough to accommodate your growing children so that, even as teenagers, they’ll be able to take full advantage. With a height of five feet and towers at least six feet square, our climbing frames offer unrivalled space for children of all ages, yet the modular design enables our professional installers to fit your chosen frame into the tightest of spaces in your garden. And, of course, the safe design of our frames is perfect for the littlies too!

Excellent durability

A climbing frame that falls apart under duress is of little use in the long-term, however old your children are, and so our models are constructed with longevity at the fore. Constructed from pressure-treated timber that is guaranteed against rot for 10 years, our climbing frames are robust and able to withstand the rough and tumble of children’s games, meaning your kids will be able to play safely for many years.

A range of accessories

Personalising your climbing frame to enable the children to maximise their enjoyment is key, whether they love to slide, climb or swing. Being able to choose the accessories to best suit the age and abilities of your kids is ideal, especially if you can add or change these over time. In this way, your climbing frame will really ‘grow’ with the children!

So, however old your children are, for expert advice about installing a climbing frame that will give them years of happy, safe and rewarding play, contact us or call 01962 600 626 and we’ll be delighted to help.



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