A Better Approach to Building Climbing Frames

14 November 2018

When it comes to building climbing frames in gardens, the biggest 4 complaints we hear are these:

1: “I’m going to take AGES putting this climbing frame up”

And, that’s almost certainly right. Those who order online are left with a palette, or several boxes, of unconstructed pieces, (occasionally with crucial pieces missing) on their drive or lawn.

Then they have to get the tools and, in most cases, find at least one other friend to help, and then construct it over a number of days. Many succumb to getting someone to do it for them, and yet the workmen they choose can vary wildly in terms of experience and quality of finished product.

How Gardenatics Help

We supply and build, we’re responsible to not just supply the right climbing frame for you, but also to complete the job. With one supplier, you don’t get finger-pointing, tut-tutting, or head scratching. You just get the job done!

2: “Now it’s built, I can see it was a bad choice”

Once it is ‘unboxed’, a climbing frame is just about the most difficult thing to ‘return’. Once constructed, it’s too late to try to switch it for something else. All too often we speak to owners who regret a hurried or pressurised decision. Common problems are:

  • The climbing frame does not fit the space available
  • The swings hit other objects (like fences) or arc into dangerous areas
  • There is no space around the frame (particularly at the end of slides or around climbing walls)
  • The frame is much smaller than first thought (online photos can be very deceptive!)

The last thing you want is a long-term permanent ‘regret’ sitting in your back garden!

How Gardenatics Help

Our first visit is the most important visit, in it we discuss the space, where to pitch it, measure up ourselves to make sure it will fit as well as ensuring that swings and slides have adequate space around them.

We will ask you about the children who will use them – some frames are more ‘boyish’ and others more suitable for girls, as well as the larger modular ones being more suitable for the bigger kid: they grow and grow! We will make sure what we recommend to you is the best for your garden, family, budget and space.

3: “I’m not cut out for building climbing frames”

Some parents are very capable and are able to get the job done to a good standard, others recognise that they don’t have the skills. The ones who really get into trouble are those who have no real experience of construction or working with wood, but believe they are capable.

It’s generally about half-way through the process that it all unravels. Perhaps the footings were not concreted property, maybe the spirit level went missing, perhaps they fit the wrong piece and have to drill fresh holes, or worse end up with a number of pieces with no idea about where they should go.

These frames need fixing as quickly as possible, as a poorly constructed frame will not only have a short life, but is dangerous. We can help in situations like this, but If we need to reverse most of the way back, or fit ‘new’ parts, then it will take more time (and cost more) than building it from scratch.

4: “It’s not as big as I thought it was… “

Photos can be deceptive and often when someone is looking at a photo online there is little reference point to the actual size of the frame. Something that seems supersize in a picture can look like a miniature in real life. And that’s a problem. Why? Because a good climbing frame should last years, not just in terms of time elapsed, but also ages of children.

A small frames means as soon as they start getting towards double figures in age, they will outgrow the climbing frame. This is not the desired outcome and certainly one we recommend you avoid.

How Gardenatics Help

We have all the experience and skills to build the perfect climbing frame or treehouse. So, when we build it we have all the right tools, we use concrete for foundations, we use a spirit level, we take detailed measures every step of the way. In the end we care about your experience, not just of our help today, but for the years ahead.

So, why not contact us today, and discuss what you’re looking for in your garden. We’d love to help you get a ‘proper job’ done!

Updated, 14 November 2018.



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