Gardenatics Zip Wire Guide

06 September 2017

Get your kids zipping for joy!

You know, gardens are so much more than a place for picnics and sunbathing. Just imagine your own garden transformed into an incredible adventure playground! You could take inspiration from JK Rowling, who famously created a magical outdoor play world for her children. It was complete with spiral staircases, slides, rope bridges, trap door and fireman’s pole! Can you imagine anything that your kids might go crazier for?! Well, actually, hold up. Maybe there is something… How about your very own zip wire?

 Because here at Gardenatics, we can provide you with all the ingredients you need for adventurous outdoor living. We’ve got the A-Z of fun: A being assault courses and Z being zip wires! (And don’t forget the climbing frames and treehouses in-between.) So start dreaming big, because here’s our complete guide to giving your family the best present ever.

Is a zip wire suitable for your garden?Little girl on zip wire

Fresh air does absolute wonders for everyone, but especially kids. We all know that outdoor play is fundamental for young bodies, hearts and minds. Now imagine that you had something as exciting and fun as a line to launch them at speed across the garden. You’d never need to shove them out of the door to “just go and play” again! So if you’re after something new and thrilling for your little adventurers, then this could be just the thing.

 And for your garden to go from blah to breathtaking, you’ll need at least 30m of space. That’s the ideal minimum for a rip-roaring ride on the zip equipment. But fear not – we can still create incredible climbing frames with less space than this.

What we look for

To get your kids zipping around, there’s a few things we need to work with. Firstly, your garden will need a clear run area – which means no ponds, swimming pools or steps in the way!

Not a problem if there’s a bit of a hill or slant or flat ground, though; we can work with that. We think the sweet spot for zipping and zooming is a 15cm drop in gradient for every metre of line.Plus, if you’ve got some safe, sturdy trees (without tree protection orders, of course!), they could be perfect.

These trees could provide a ‘natural adventure’ feel for your zip wire. We always treat trees with love and care, protecting them with batons and never causing damage. Alternatively, we can create bespoke launch platforms using timber.

Zip Wire with lockable gate

Blending In

Whilst some endurance zips are built using steel supports, we use tough timber. It looks great in any garden, urban or rural, giving a natural aesthetic to better blend with its surroundings.

Grounding the commercial experience

A-listers fly in private jets, not 400-seat passenger planes. So you can still have the gold standard experience at a smaller price. Sure, most gardens can’t accommodate the 100m zips from professional centres, but it’s all about quality, not quantity! And we know our stuff. We can work with the length and gradient of the line to create a first class experience for your family.

Downsizing doesn’t mean downgrading

Your miniaturised mind-blower will have all the same bells and whistles as a commercial zip. In fact, all our wires are ideal for domestic AND commercial use, from tools to materials to installation. Not to mention, good things come in small packages! The smaller sizing makes no compromise on strength (we are allergic to compromise, just so you know). Even Dad can jump on the zip wire without worrying about ever outgrowing the experience.

Your own personal experience

Got a budding astronaut at home? Make it a rocket launch game! Got a wannabe superhero? Suddenly it’s a high-speed rescue route! Thinking about team work? Why not get a relay challenge going? You could even work the equipment into the end of an obstacle course or climbing frame. There’s endless fun to be had for young daredevils, so… “Go and play!”



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