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An Adventure Tower Sleepover Part 1. Planning Stage

Planning and organising a sleepover is such fun for your kids. It’s an experience they will remember for the rest of their lives. Make it even more fun by having it somewhere exciting, such as an outdoor adventure climbing frame or a wooden treehouse. This guide will show you how to prepare and host the most exciting outside sleepovers ever!

Getting prepared for an outdoor adventure

Preparation is the key to a successful sleepover. You will need airbeds for each child, along with sleeping bags or duvets and pillows for added comfort. Torches, blankets and special items, such as teddies are also needed. Card games such as Top Trumps and sweets, biscuits or cakes always go down well! Bring out some outdoor play items such as badminton, water guns and trampolines to keep spirits high. Encourage them to use the climbing frame itself. Keep young guests as active as possible to tire them out!

Check the weatherChecking the weather for the outdoor adventure

Ideally, a sleepover in a tree house is best in warm and dry weather. However, if you are ultra-prepared, why not let the kids sleep out in the rain or cold weather? It could be really cosy sleeping outside whilst listening to the rain pattering. Just keep the adventure tower or tree house dry with lots of tarpaulins and it could work really well.

Setting up camp

Make sure the climbing frame is clean and dry and swept free of bird droppings and spider’s nests. Why not decorate the camp with bunting, drapes, pirate flags or fairy lights to make it seem really magical? It’s also a good idea to establish some ground rules before the sleepover begins, with health and safety in mind. Establish rules such as not playing on the climbing frame when it’s time for bed, no loud screaming after dark.

Parental reassurance

Of course, it’s really important to ensure all the children are confident enough to sleep in a wooden climbing tower. Arrange a couple of play-dates before the first sleepover so you and the child can get to know each other. Small visitors need to know where the bathroom is and be confident to ask you for a drink. A play-date is a good chance to chat to the parents about their child and any foibles they might have.

Tell the children that you are inside if they need anything and if they want to come in it’s fine. Leave the doors unlocked and a downstairs light left on so they can find their way back in the dark. If you have young children, why not arrange a half-sleepover? The best of both worlds – guests come to play and get into their pyjamas, but are collected at about 9 pm.

The breakfast picnic

Earn extra brownie points by bringing a fun breakfast outside. early morning picnic makes a great breakfast after a sleepoverMuffins or pancakes will probably go down well, as will bacon rolls. Serve with fresh fruit juice or chocolate milk and sliced strawberries for a touch of health.

In the morning, organise a ‘tidying-up’ competition. Then your sleepover guests will be ready to enjoy another outdoor adventure on the climbing frame.

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