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twin tower in rounds

Gently as she goes!

Our customer Our customer, Mr DS from Surrey, was well aware that his children are still quite young, not quite out of their toddler phase. Yet, despite this, he was keen for them to have a ‘starter’ climbing frame which could be adapted in the future as his children get older. Our challenge We needed […]

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Upping the WOW factor

Our customer, Mr M from West London, had a large garden and, with a larger budget too, was looking for something with a real ‘Wow’ factor, something to make his climbing frame system really stand out.

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Single Tower Raised Play House

Playtime viewing

We were recommended by a previous customer for this build. Our customer here, Mrs T from Essex, had two small children and was looking for a wooden climbing frame system that could be blend into her garden but also be seen from all the main viewing area of the house so that

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Double Wooden round timber frames with swings and slides

Fully engaged kids

Our customer This lovely customer Ms CJ in Kent was keen to have something in the garden to keep the kids fully engrossed, not just for the summer holidays, but as much as the year as possible. She asked for a children’s climbing frame for her garden. At Gardenatics, we like to keep  in touch with […]

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Double Climbing Frame Tower with Spiral Slide

Nice view!

Mrs S wanted a climbing frame for her rural property but the ideal position for it was in front of a wonderful view over the countryside. Wanting something a little more special for her climbing frame system, made the challenge all the more difficult. So, how to build a giant climbing frame that doesn’t get in the way?

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A neat twist

Our customer, Mrs H from South West London, wanted to clear a multitude of small plastic toys from her garden as her children had outgrown them. But she wanted to replace them with something that offered real long term value, something that would last her children many years, something that they wouldn’t quickly grow out of.

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climbing frame over trampoline

Jumping for Joy!

A big hole – filled with a big trampoline is not a common challenge we face but in this suburban garden Mrs S gave us this challenge. An in-ground trampoline that could not be moves and little space either side for a climbing frame system to keep her two children and their many friends entertained was just what she needed.

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Treemendous Play Space

Our customer, Mrs D from Hertfordshire, had a very small garden but with two sons needed something to provide an outlet for all that boundless energy. The family’s garden already contained an old playhouse but this was rotting, getting too small and was home to some lovely spiders! Clearly its time was over.

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climbing frame astroturf build

A different angle on fun

With a large garden undergoing a complete transformation, Mr J wanted a climbing frame as a perfect fit. The astroturf was laid, but a mature tree meant an extra challenge.

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Play in the trees

Mrs J, had a large garden and a perfect spot for her climbing frame system, right at the bottom of her garden, on the edge of a forest. With many overhanging trees it was a great space to create not only a wonderful climbing frame system for here two children but the trees also created lovely treehouse effect.

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No Space to play?

With a city location, our customer had vey little space available but was looking to maximise it and create a personal, bespoke and action packed climbing frame system for her two children.

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Customised Wooden Twin Tower Build Hampshire

Big Fun For Basingstoke Care Home

Mrs B has a disabled son who lives in sheltered accommodation and for his 30th birthday she wanted a large and strong climbing frame with lots of elements to keep him occupied and stimulated.

Additionally, her son required space to ‘hide out’ and something to crawl along that wasn’t too high.

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Corner Conundrum

Mr W from Essex knew where he wanted a climbing frame system for his two boys but the space came with some spatial and neighbourly challenges that we needed to help him navigate.

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