Children’s development – the Benefits of a Climbing Frame

03 March 2017

Outdoor Play and Childhood Development

If you’re reading this chances are that you’re giving serious thought to outdoor play & the possible benefits to your children’s development. One way to achieve this is by installing a tree house or climbing frame in your garden.

With spring just a few weeks away, now is the ideal time for you to take the plunge. Naturally, you’ll wish to have certainty about the benefits of any such investment. You may be worried that it could become a white elephant after a short time of initial play. However, such concerns are definitely unfounded.

In fact, the many benefits of climbing frames have long been recognised. Since they were introduced in Europe in the 19th century they’ve been seen as vital to all children’s physical development. Today’s modern frames and tree houses offer you a wider range of benefits. Many of which are essential to your children’s all-round development.

Fitter, healthier, happier kids

A tree house or a kids climbing frame offers your children far more than the opportunity to play imaginative games. By engaging in strenuous activity, they’ll improve their physical fitness and stamina.

You’ll be amazed just how long they can spend climbing, running, rolling and jumping before tiring! Your children’s fitness is a hot topic and is frequently in the news these days.

I’m sure its reassuring to know that your little ones are strengthening their muscles whilst having fun. Not only that, but they’ll be burning up calories and improving their dexterity while having the time of their lives.

Your children’s development

With a wide variety of games to play, kids of all ages will also develop a host of other ‘softer’ skills. These skills are just as important to prepare kids for adulthood.

Hand eye coordination and upper body strength

Aspects like better coordination, spatial awareness and those all-important problem solving skills that will help to equip them for the rest of their lives. And will they get bored? Not likely. Children are simply great at inventing their own games. There really is no end to their creative genius that will mean each day is unlike the last.

 A place for relaxation

Everyone needs downtime occasionally even within a tree house or climbing frame! The majority offer your youngsters the perfect opportunity to enjoy some me-time or a social get-together with friends. All manner of quiet, creative activities can be enjoyed. These range from reading to tea parties or storytelling to drawing. Your newly-installed tree house could even offer the seclusion and peace for your older offspring to complete their homework or coursework! Without the temptation of the television, tablets or WiFi connection, your children can re engage.  Many meaningful activities that will help to strengthen friendships, grow their imagination or build their social skills – not to mention giving you a quiet break with them in the safety of the garden.

In touch with nature…

Your outdoor tree house or climbing frame will be a great addition to the garden. We use natural materials where possible in its construction. Due to its sympathetic design, it’ll blend in seamlessly and add value to your garden. Outdoor play has a quality that is unlike any other. You’ll be putting your children in touch with the natural world and all on the doorstep of your home. In the summer months, they’ll spend hours enjoying the outside world. Even in the cooler weather they’ll display surprising fortitude, making your new tree house or climbing frame an all-year attraction!

A tree house or climbing frame is a great way to provide your whole family with hours of entertainment in the safety of your own back garden. You’ll be offering a wide variety of health, social and personal benefits for them. As well as a providing a secret hideaway for peace and quiet. Your newly installed play equipment from Gardenatics is sure to be loved by all. So with winter in its final days, there is no better time to invest in transforming your garden into Play Central. You and your children will see the benefits for many years to come, with some benefits lasting into their adulthood.



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Any questions? Let us know what you’re looking for, or give us the opportunity to inspire.
Call during working hours, or fill out the form and let’s talk.