Why Clad an Adventure Tower?

10 August 2016

A clad wooden climbing frame

Clad adventure towers can help balance the situation, we believe. In fact, there are at least 10 features that recommend wooden clad adventure tower with softwood cladding as ideal outdoor play areas.

With so much going on in our children’s lives, it’s easy for us to forget that they are only children, after all. As technology takes up more of their time, and parents favour more structured activities over outdoor play, their time spent outdoors diminishes.

1. Health Benefit

The World Health Organization recommends that children aged 5 and older do at least 1 hour of vigorous physical activity every day. With three out of four children spending less time outdoors than a prison inmate, according to some, it’s easy to see why a wooden climbing frame could make a real difference in any child’s life. Also, because cladding protects it from decay, dirt, moisture and allergens like dust, pollen and mildew, the tower is a safer and healthier environment for all children, including those with allergies

2. Child-Focused Design

Designed and maintained by adults, much of our playground equipment is not as enjoyable and safe for children as they seem to be to adults. Even something as simple as using enclosures and fences can be off-putting to a child.

PlayEngland reports that outdoor play areas designed nowadays are not only child-friendly, but more child-focused. A clad climbing frame is a natural way to make a tower feel more homelike. As it’s not fenced in, the surfacing isn’t rubber or stone, the layout is relatively informal as compared to playgrounds, the colours are neutral and earthy, and the material used to clad it is wood, it can be a far more challenging and entertaining environment, sparking more imaginative and creative play than a more restrictive metal adventure tower.

3. Space to Socialize

A wooden climbing frame is a home from home. When it’s clad, children can enjoy more quality time with their siblings in their own gardens. What’s more, they can invite their friends over whatever the weather, developing their social skills as they negotiate their toys, space and friendships in a safe, sheltered space. The climbing frame stimulates associative and cooperative play, as children use their imagination to come up with all sorts of games and rules, and the cladding ensures that they can play uninterrupted, come rain or shine.

4. No Limits

Learning about risk and challenge is essential to children’s development, and doing that through play is by far the most enjoyable way. Testing the limits helps children understand what hurdles their bodies are prepared to jump, what they could accomplish in the near future, and what’s safe for them to do at their age. Play is also a great way for them to develop and master their physical skills, according to PlayEngland. Cladding an adventure tower prevents ‘finger trapping’ and other accidents, letting children push their limits, but also giving parents peace of mind

5. Private Space

As children grow, and start to be more introspective, it’s important for them to have a quiet ‘internal space’ all of their own, where they can be alone with their thoughts, where they can feel at ease with their friends, or where they can have a conversation over the phone without siblings and parents butting in. The house may not offer that level of privacy, and a park may not offer the sense of comfort and safety that children have in their home gardens. Clad wooden adventure towers gives them the best of both worlds, keeping prying eyes at bay, and saving parents the need to ‘curate’ their children’s experiences when they need a moment to themselves.

Keep your kids clean and out of the mud6. Less Mess

Ever wondered what it would be like if your children spent less time jumping in puddles in the back garden, and more time playing cleanly? 

Well, with a wooden floor under the clad climbing frame, you could find the answer to that question.

7. No Dead Space

Wooden adventure towers with cladding make the most of the space they take up. Not only are they usually customized to fit the surface they’re on perfectly, but the space under and above the platform is used as shelter from strong sunlight or light showers, or as playhouse, too. Also, the taller the towers, the more usable space there is.

8. Safety

Parents look for safer environments for their children, even though most accidents happen at home, according to ChildAlert. With a clad climbing frame in your own back garden, children are far less likely to spend as much time in the house; therefore, the risk of injuries is smaller. Whatever time they spend outside, in the adventure tower, they will be perfectly safe because the roof, wall and floor cladding prevents them toppling over, trapping their legs or arms, jumping over walls, etc.

9. Just Because

The way children play has changed to such an extent that many parents today have come to believe that their children are no longer interested in the outdoors. According to a recent study carried out by Persil, mothers think children would rather play indoors, when, in fact, the opposite is true.

Children now appreciate the outdoors more than was the case only a few decades ago. So, why not let them enjoy the open air right in your back garden? There’s no better way to let them play, explore nature, interact and learn to take risks. Having a wooden climbing frame for them to share with friends in an enclosed, safe and homelike environment.




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