Customisation is the Name of the Game

02 March 2018

Here at Gardenatics, we love building climbing frames. However, what we enjoy most of all is solving the challenges we are set by our customers and helping with customisation. Many a time our customers want us to add special features. Some of which can be very bizarre. Allowing trees to come through the roofs, opposing climbing walls and personalised swings. Or even custom built slides that fit on any size platform are one of our more common special requests.

Two Opposing Climbing Wallsclimbing wall customisation

We created this special climbing structure for a family with two exuberant young boys. Their favourite TV show happened to be Ninja Warrior. The Chimney Climb at the end of the challenge was of particular interest, and it was this we had to recreate. We achieved this goal by reinforcing the wood for the two climbing walls. Extra braces were added for stability. Imagine their smiles when they saw what we had done.

Trees Through the Roof

As lovers of nature we hate it when a tree has to be felled because it is in the way. So, we put our thinking caps on. Incorporating trees into our platforms was the only way that would allow us to sleep at night. Allowing them to grow through the roof is another solution. Adding them into the balustrades is something we also use a lot. However we always look at the maturity and health of the tree to make sure that they aren’t going to start growing into the climbing frame.

Crawl Tunnels and Bridges

When it comes to larger builds, we enjoy adding in as many different pieces of equipment as possible. With a circuit they can use, kids are never bored, however old they get. We had a special request from one of our customers, they wanted something a little different than just another bridge. We didn’t blame them as two was probably enough. The idea we came up with was a crawl through tunnel. This connected one platform to another and added an extra element of fun. It also slowed down their boisterous play and made them work a little bit harder.

Personalised Swingsswing customisation

I remember with fondness, spending hours playing on our swings with my siblings. We each claimed our own swing, as our parents had adjusted them to suit our different heights. This meant there were no arguments. So to help parents with this age old problem, Gardenatics can personalise wooden swings by adding an engraved name onto the seat.

Slide Customisation

One of our favourite features for customisation has got to be the stainless steel slide. There are a range of different options regarding width, length, humps and bends, as well as a choice of different handrails. The variety is almost endless. A host of different styles and challenges can be overcome with the imaginative use of a stainless steel slide. They don’t have to be attached to a climbing frame either. When incorporated into the side of a rock outcrop or attached to a taller than usual tree house they work just as well.

Don’t worry about telling us what you really want. It might sound like a crazy idea, but we will do our best to accommodate it. If it is totally off the wall, we will try and come up with the best solution. Your climbing frame will be an integral part of your garden for many years to come. So why shouldn’t you have the climbing frame you and your kids want? With us you’re free to add your own personal style. It is our pleasure to create a bespoke and one of a kind additions for your garden.



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