Garden Lifestyle

22 March 2018

Your lifestyle reflects the way you live your life, through your actions and daily routines. It is also an intrinsic part of the appearance of your house and garden. Gardenatics want to help create your dream garden lifestyle area. We aim to create a space that’s fit for the whole family, not just the kids and their play area.


It’s a sunny day, the kids are outside playing on their climbing frame, and you want to get out too. Choose from an array of comfy beds, loungers and chairs from the lifestyle range. Outdoor furniture offers comfort and relaxation for spending time with friends or loved ones. Enjoy quality bonding time, for example, whilst eating dinner together outside as a family. Attention to design allows sophisticated outdoor furniture to effortlessly blend in with any urban or rural garden.

In the Shadegarden lifestyle

As Brits, we love to moan about the weather – but we want to soak up the sun but not overheat. You need to find a shaded area under a tree or a Gazebo – although they look cluttered and uncomfortable. Why not add a parasol or sail shade? So you can choose the perfect spot for that added garden shade. They are diverse and portable and never obstruct the view of the garden. You can keep cool and protected from the intensity of the sun, whilst enjoying an open garden space.

Fired Up

A fire pit or terrace heater could be the answer if you like to spend evenings outside. They are becoming increasingly popular, thanks to their calm and relaxing properties as many enjoy the crackle of a fire. Kids can toast marshmallows and tell stories, and enjoy the fun of a campfire without the hassle! It keeps you warm and is a special outside space for families to share time and make memories.


Evening brings a certain calm and quietness than many look forward to after a busy day. This summer, don’t disappear back indoors when the sun sets! Outdoor lighting like bollards and wall lights are a great answer to our troubles. Use outdoor lights to illuminate paths and create tranquil environments to enjoy at night. They are eco-friendly as they store energy from the sun, which can power them all night long. Ideal for the environmentally conscious and those who want to capture as much of the evening as they can.

On Displaygarden lifestyle

No garden space is complete without a bit of vegetation; flowering shrubs and annuals. Planters or display ladders are lovely but also provide an individual way of decorating a space. Get creative with your garden and embrace your green fingers. It’s a healthy outdoor hobby, that combines exercise with personal artistic expression.

And Other Animals

We all love our great British wildlife, inviting them into our gardens with bird feeders and houses. However, let’s not forget the wildlife we don’t see daily that needs more help. Owl boxes and dovecotes create homes for many wild birds, giving them a safe space from predators and the weather. Although we only rarely glimpse these birds, you can still feel pride knowing you’ve done your bit to help nature. After all, it’s relatively easy, inexpensive, and enjoyable to create a lifestyle space where nature can thrive alongside us.

There are so many different ways you can express yourself with your garden. Make the most of it, whether you need a children’s play space or a tranquil space in which to relax. Gardenatics are on hand to help you put all your ideas into a space which the whole family can enjoy.



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