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Don’t Neglect Your Climbing Frame Just Because It’s Winter

Extending the lifespan of your climbing frame

Looking after your climbing frame during the winter months is just as important as any other time. Possibly even more so. And anyway, your kids are getting their full enjoyment out of it. So wait until indoor play is the only real option for them before you invest into any maintenance jobs. Low temperatures and ice don’t make good bedfellows for climbing frames. But just because the kids aren’t using it as much doesn’t mean it won’t need your tender loving care. A small amount of TLC will pay dividends in the long run. In the summer it gets plenty of use. And in the winter it’s time to give it some special attention. Ready for when the weather warms up again. It’s not going to take a lot of your time, but following our tips will keep it in top condition.Snow Holding up Play

Important maintenance through the winter

A small amount of good, regular maintenance will make your climbing frames last much longer. The timber that we use is pressure treated which does make it more durable. But winter weather still causes it to contract or expand. We have a 10 year guarantee against rot and infestation on our products, but maintenance will help increase its longevity.

Treat it right and you’ll get years of service

Tightening Bolts and Screws

You can treat wooden play equipment with an oil based stain to help repel water. It will also reduce damage caused by frost or snow. Not that there’s too much of that anymore. (Did we speak too soon?) Applying these treatments at the right time is important. And it’s a delicate balance to assess this on a regular basis.

Tighten up the metal fixings

Winter is a good time to check all the metal fixings. The frame will have had a lot of use, hopefully, during the better weather. Meaning everything will need tightening up. Low temperatures will cause the metal to contract and shrink. And blustery winds will cause additional movement. Add all these together and you’ll need to make sure the bolts and screws are nice and tight. You’ll also get the opportunity to see which areas will need the most attention. This small bit of maintenance will keep the frame safe and ready for the Spring.

Store any fabric coverings

If you’ve got any canvases or hammocks, winter is the time to bring them inside. Felt roofs need to be covered and a big tarpaulin is the best option. Plastic sheeting is another good material for protecting wood and fabric. But make sure it’s thick and can withstand the cold.

Follow this advice and you’ll be ready for spring

If you’re considering a climbing frame for your kids, winter is a good time to get one installed. It’ll give the ground a chance to toughen up before the climbing frame is back in action for the Spring months. Tighten up the fixings and provide the right treatments and you’ll be ready for the warmer temperatures. And your darlings will be able to enjoy some fresh air and fun.

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