Which Climbing Structure Is a Better Fit For You? Modular Frames vs. Ready Made Kits

19 March 2014

When it comes to play equipment, it stands to reason that you’ll want it to be as safe as possible. Anything used by kids has to be of top quality and the right fit for the location—and in no situation is this more important than when it comes to climbing equipment, which includes play equipment and even treehouses.

They’re a great addition to any child-friendly back garden, offering fun, the potential for imagination, and exercise. Kids need around an hour of exercise per day, and a climbing frame is a great way of achieving this. You’ll want to give some thought to construction, though, especially since every garden has different terrain and varies in shape.

The two main options for play equipment and climbing equipment are modular and ready-made. Which one you end up using will depend on a number of factors, such as your lifestyle and the space you are looking to occupy.

Modular Frames

A modular frame is the more elaborate choice of the two, as well as the more adaptable. These types are customisable and can fit into almost any space, regardless of your garden’s size or shape. Hills present no problem for a modular garden climbing frame, as they can conform to fit any number of uneven surfaces.

Your garden probably wasn’t designed with a wooden climbing frame in mind, but that won’t be a problem if you choose modular. As the name implies, a modular frame can be adjusted to suit your needs, and even after it’s been set up you can have it adjusted as necessary.

Modular frames can incorporate swing sets, roofs, and slides, among other things into your play structure. It should be noted that this type of climbing frame requires a decent-sized garden to really be used to their full potential, but their flexibility means they can be built in almost any space.

Ready-Made Kits

A ready-made kit is a more simplified option, but which comes with perks of its own.

Ready-made kits come in a wide variety of different styles—treehouses, swings, slides, or combinations of all three—and their high-quality materials ensure they are built to last. Once you’ve had your garden measured, ready-made kits are easy to assemble and apart, and they suit a wide variety of needs.

Ready-made kits are a great option for a solid piece of equipment that will last. They also come in many different sizes, so you can pick whichever one best suits your specific area. Perhaps you live in the Sussex countryside with acres of space, in which case you can go as big as you like. A house in the heart of Basingstoke might be a bit more cramped, so go for smaller-sized option.

The Decision

So you have the space, and your kids have the energy, to get yourself a nice new play structure for the family—the next step is deciding which type of climbing frame or play equipment you want to have installed.

This will depend on your budget, lifestyle, and garden size. A modular frame is slightly more costly, as it is far more customisable and can suit a wide range of outdoor spaces. You can more or less decide exactly what you want the frame to look like (for a bit of perspective, one two-tower swing set can be arranged in over 200 ways).

For a treehouse, you’re probably going to want to go with a modular design. A properly made wooden treehouse can take any shape, depending on the surrounding tree, and there’s always the option of customising it with add-ons such as bridges, wooden tables, and chairs. The only danger here is that it’ll turn into less of a space for the kids, as the whole family will want to spend their time up there.

A ready-made kit is a simpler and more budget-conscious affair, though that doesn’t mean it’s any less fun. The burdensome design work is removed, and the kits can more or less be set up anywhere on a flat surface. They’re convenient and can be created quickly, and you can pick the right size for your particular space.

Pros and Cons

There are advantages to both modular and ready-made frames, though in the end, children really just want something they can transform with their imagination.

You can review the pros and cons of each design in relation to your budget and garden—and maybe you could give the kids some say in the matter too!



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