Custom Tree Houses Built Around You

06 March 2019

Families Don’t Come in Kits!

Do you ever look out at your garden and think “wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a tree house, tree platforms or climbing frame for the children to play on?” If you do, then you are not alone.

Unfortunately, these thoughts are often followed by negative ones that squash the idea. Perhaps the size or shape of your garden is awkward, or there are other buildings or obstructions in the way?

Don’t give up so easily! Look on the bright side, here at Gardenatics we can provide just what you desire, no matter what the layout of your garden is. We are the experts in workarounds.

Why Clients Choose Gardenatics

There are lots of good reasons to choose us as your supplier. Our speciality is in designing and building bespoke tree houses, tree platforms, and climbing frames.

We understand that when you install children’s play equipment the safety of the children using it will be your primary concern. This is why we believe that a customised build that makes the best use of the space available, and also reduces any risk of accident or injury is by far the best option available to you.

We also want our structures to last young ones through their entire childhood, so we select materials very carefully. We understand the organic nature of wood, and use only the best, properly seasoned and pressure treated timber. Slides, cargo nets, zip wires, and swings are all robust and made to last and all our timber constructions carry a ten-year anti-rot guarantee, though they last far longer than that.

You will find that our workmanship is of the highest quality and we pay attention to detail. So when we complete the work, and the team leaves your property, you will have something safe and sturdy for your children to play on, build to fit you and your family.

Made to Measure, to Your Specification

From small installations, to much larger ones that include all the features of a miniature assault course, we aim to meet every expectation. We can build a special dens, one or more towers, perhaps with a zip wire launchpad. How about a tree house?

We create multilevel spaces and playing areas connected by walkways where you can escape via poles, slides, tubular slides and monkey bars. What is more, our installations are sturdy enough for adults to use when they want to join in with the kids or revert to their childhood self for a while.

There are Many Benefits in a Bespoke Tree House

Building Play Platforms Around TreesDon’t underestimate the satisfaction of knowing that something was built to your design and is unique to you; there won’t be another like it. You are going to be looking out at the installation for many years, so we make sure that they are aesthetically pleasing and fit the landscape.

Looking at it another way: you aren’t just buying a bespoke tree house, custom climbing frame or tree platforms, you are investing. You’re investing in your children’s future and the hours of fun they will enjoy, which is priceless. You’re also adding value to your property at the same time. Take a zip wire, for example, most children will get hours of enjoyment out of one.

Think of the health benefits of having one of our structures in your garden. It will encourage your child to run and climb safely, increase their dexterity, help them grow in confidence and enhance their level of physical fitness by building strength and stamina. They won’t even know that is happening, it’s so far away from their school cross-country run and they will be having so much fun the time will pass in a flash.

They will also spend less time inside, under your feet, playing video games or using social media. During the summer months, adults can relax together and enjoy the barbecue in a separate part of the garden whilst the children burn off their energy in the tree house or playing on the climbing frame. No more problems on sleepovers, young ones will be so exhausted by their play that they will be getting to sleep super-quick.

How do I Get my Dream Construction?

Bespoke Tree House Design and Build

Take a photo of your garden, indicate where you want the construction to be and give us your own wish list. Our designers will then get to work on creating something that will suit the space available, and blend nicely into the environment. We will get back to you with a fully costed proposal. We will, of course, listen to any suggestions that you have for changing the design and only start work once you have agreed on the specification.

After confirming your order, it takes between four and six weeks, depending on the season, for our team to visit your property and complete the work. Most of our installations are finished within a day but the larger ones can take more time.

Our installation teams cover 5 different geographical areas of the country, so getting to you won’t be a problem. So whether you live in Basildon or Batley, Clowne or Chichester, we can get to you easily.

At Gardenatics we really care about what we do. We have a dedicated, experienced and skilled team that get a great deal of satisfaction out of giving you the very best fit. And we are judged by the most important customers on the planet: your children.

From your very first contact with us, you will know you are dealing with professionals who not only take great pride in their work but are friendly and obliging.  Stop thinking about what you can do to make your garden more fun for the children, and get in contact with us today. In a few months time you will be wondering why it took you so long to get round to it.

From Peter Pan to Pirates of the Caribbean, we can help your children live out their dreams. Call Gardenatics now on 01962 600 626.



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