Our Favourite Builds of 2017

22 December 2017

It’s Been an Interesting Year

We thought we’d spend some time looking back at a few of the amazing projects we’ve worked on this year. With the end of 2017 almost here, it’s time for a spot of reflection. To be honest, we’ve had such an incredible twelve months and  we wanted to share some of our favourite builds. This year has been full of surprises. We’ve been busy and along the way we’ve met and worked with some top clients. All our builds are totally unique and meet customer’s special requirements. Which in itself can be very challenging, but the satisfaction we see is more than adequate reward for our efforts. So let’s look back at our top four builds.

A zip wire assault course for all the familyZip Wire Build

The family that commissioned this had fallen in love with a climbing frame on our website. One concern of theirs was flooding in the winter. And we needed to design something interesting for all their children. Ranging in age from 15 months to 8 years, we built a climbing frame with large double swings and slides. As well as a variety of cargo nets and climbing walls. To complete the construction we added something for the older members of the family. Even mum and dad get to enjoy the brilliant 27m zip wire across the garden. All in all, this provided entertainment for everyone as well as including everything under the sun.

A ranch style house for children to make their own

This build involved a little head scratching. The design of this beautiful ranch house needed to overcome the problem of a sloping garden. And not impact on the view from the client’s house. We incorporated decking looking out into the garden along with a series of bridges. As well as a cleverly designed roof which opened up the view of the woods surrounding the house. We even included the area where the rock outcrop came onto the garden. Fortunately a beautiful and bespoke stainless steel slide did just the trick here. All together the whole family were pleased with their unique and cosy play space, which everyone could enjoy.

A custom built slide with the wow factorKirk build

We didn’t have the biggest of spaces for this custom build but nevertheless managed to provide the required wow factor. With a slight constriction of the tree we stuck with a classic play tower, swings and slide we made optimum use of round timbers for the construction. The addition of a curved bridge, opened up another area of imaginative play for the children. To compliment these we included a stainless steel slide with curved wooden rails. The finish quality was amazing and had a high end market look the family were impressed with.

A community playground of dreams

A big part of the year was the community playground we helped build for our local community therefore being asked to help with such a project was an honour. The team planning the playground had a dream, but space was limited. So once again we put our thinking caps on and came up with the perfect solution. When we build a tree house or climbing frame one of our goals is to spark children’s imaginations. We hit the nail on the head with the playground by including a large adventure tower. And we even found some space for everyone’s favourite, swings. Finishing touches like the two spring rockers and safety mats, really gave the playground a lease of life. The end result was sure to fire the imaginations of all the local children.

We had a good year, but are looking forward to 2018 with heaps of anticipation and excitement. We aim to help more families and communities create outdoors spaces that just cry out for children to enjoy. And of course, we want to keep spreading the message that being outside and active is the perfect place to be. Even if the sky is grey and gloomy. We are ready to spark the imaginations of children and create the climbing frames and tree houses of their dreams.



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