These Are A Few Of Our Favourite Swings

18 October 2017

Swing The Day Away

Take a moment to imagine a child whooping with delight at the playground. Can you picture the scene? Chances are, you are visualising a kiddo on a swing, that’s because it’s one of the most popular pieces of play equipment for youngsters, and with good reason. Swings take up very little space but different types of swing seat can offer hours of excitement and fun with every use. Here at Gardenatics, we have a whole host of them to choose from. And what’s more, each one has its own quirks and benefits to add to the thrill. So take a look at some our favourites and the reasons why we love them so much!

Personalised Swing Seat

Flexi Swing Seat

In the world of swings, the flexi swing is like the leather recliner chair. When function just isn’t enough, and comfort is key, you need the flexi swing. This swing seat curves around the user for the comfiest experience therefore giving more room to move. Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin!

Flat Wooden Swing

But don’t overlook the traditional flat swing just yet! First of all, this wooden seat has a classic look, in-keeping with natural outdoor aesthetics. And additionally, you can choose to customise it with a personal engraving. Can you imagine how excited your sprogs would be to have their own name on a swing seat? This would make a memorable present that is treasured for years to come.

For Little ‘uns: Baby Swing

Why should the big kids have all the fun? Get hours of giggles with your smallest offspring in the baby swing seat. A more enclosed seat keeps babies and toddlers safe while they get to share the fun with the bigger kids. Create precious memories through outdoor play with your youngest children.

Most Fun: Nest SwingGroup of children swinging on a nest swing

Just as it sounds, the nest is a place for all the family! Brothers and sisters, friends and parents can bundle onto this giant seat for maximum laughs. It’s a great way to experience outdoor play together! Furthermore there will be no fighting about who goes next, because everyone can play all at once. For a relaxing and leisurely swing, or a silly and sociable swing, get the nest. Nest is best.

Most Omni-Directionals: Button Swing

When rocketing through the air in two directions isn’t enough for your daredevils, turn to the button swing. The ability to swing in numerous directions makes this the most exciting swing for adrenaline-lovers. So, buckle up tight and enjoy the ride!

Great Exercise: Trapeze

Don’t be fooled; swinging is not just a sitting-down activity! Have you considered a trapeze swing? Perhaps you’ve got some little monkeys needing to wiggle out some energy. Or maybe you’re raising a budding gymnast who’s going for gold. Either way, this is a great way to develop upper body strength and it’s excellent fun! Get ready, get set, get your Tarzan on!

For Two: Glider Swing

When siblings are arguing over the TV remote or computer, it’s time for some outside play. However something they can definitely agree on is the glider swing! It’s simply perfect for two-kid households. With this suspended see-saw, they will forget their squabbles in no time and be chuckling and encouraging each other on. What more could you want for a harmonious household?

So there you have it: our favourite swings. The benchmark for outdoor activities just got raised – higher! Higher! Higher!



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