My First Climbing Frame

26 July 2017

Today’s modern children are rapidly losing touch with real life experiences. It seems that all too quickly a love of the outdoors, using the imagination and enjoying make-believe adventures has been replaced with a rectangular screen. Less than a couple of decades ago I remember longing to go outside everyday and play with my friends. Or rushing down from the dinner table to explore our garden, digging in the dirt and playing on my wooden climbing frame. The TV was used barely an hour a day, and computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones were only for the grownups.

I for one, lament those days, which, lets be honest, wasn’t so long ago. Which is why I’m writing this blog. I’d like to help you, the typical parent, create amazing memories for your children and rekindle the value of playing outside.

A child’s perspective

A child looking out of the tower, down towards to bridge where they can play

When I was young, everything I needed for my personal enjoyment was provided in our back garden. Freedom to wander further afield if I wanted to was part of the normal routine. But that never seemed to be necessary. My friends lived just around the corner and they loved coming around to play on my climbing frame.

Before we had a climbing frame installed, I knew the it was coming because it had been the subject of dinner time conversation many times. The anticipation was a big part of the excitement, particularly when chatting with my friends.

How I felt when I first found out I was getting a new climbing frame

At home, we talked about it so much that the anticipation grew and grew. Website pictures were looked at and the games we were going to play were planned with almost military precision. Excitement and happiness were the overwhelming emotions when we realised it was on its way. My Dad and I stood outside waiting for the installers and this just made me even more excited. When it finally arrived, I couldn’t wait to get out there and play on it.

A mother and daughter designing their new climbing frame together

How we decided what we wanted

As a family we thought long and hard about the best type of wooden climbing frame to have. We looked at pictures in magazines, went to the park on several occasions and my parents even asked me to draw what I wanted. Obviously, it was going to be a pirate ship. But also a castle. At the tender age of four I wanted to be a knight, not only a pirate!

What was my favourite and least favourite part of the climbing frame

The best part was the slide. It was much better than the one at the park. No chance of hot pants and I didn’t have to wait my turn. I could imagine I was a pirate splashing down into the sea. The turrets of my imaginary castle were another favourite. From which my sister, the princess of our imaginary story, often had to be rescued. There wasn’t really any part of the climbing frame I didn’t like. We’d talked about it so much my parents made sure all the bits I wanted had been included.

What was my favourite game to play on the climbing frame

One of the best parts of having a climbing frame is allowing the imagination to grow. A pirate ship and castle is what I wanted and that’s what I got, in my mind. Sailing the seven seas as well as pretending to be a knight, king or brave prince were top of my agenda.

The memory has never faded of my first ever climbing frame

I can still remember today the anticipation I felt. A wooden climbing frame was something I’d dreamed of for ages. When it was finally decided we were going to have one I knew it was going to be amazing. That excitement has translated to today. So much so that I can’t wait for my first child to come along. To be able to give him or her the same opportunity I had; to use the imagination, make new friends and provide life long memories  is all that one can ask from a garden climbing frame.

 If you’ve been enthused by this blog to create your own memories for your children, please get in touch with Gardenatics. We’d be more than happy to bring your dream (or your children’s dreams) to life.



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